Integrating Background Checks with your HR Platform


Finding the perfect HR platform can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider when adding or changing any technology in your company, but switching or adding new HR tech can be a particularly daunting experience. Our background check software integrations can help ease the stress of switching.

Critical Research’s employment screening solution seamlessly integrates with many industry leading HR platforms to give you peace of mind. As a portable service, we can follow you to almost any new system you implement. Below we’ve listed three major reasons for integrating your current or new software with our platform.

Streamlined Service

Streamline your onboarding and post-hire process, no matter what industry you’re in. We work with a kaleidoscope of industry leading HR tech companies to present you with simple solutions to make hiring a snap. When you integrate with our platform, the background check process becomes just a button-click. Literally that simple. Once you click that button, we start working behind the scenes to get all the information you need to make informed hiring decisions. 

Simple Organization

With Critical Research employment screening integrated into your HR platform, all of your potential and current hire files are accessed in one place. Everything is kept digitally and securely. We even refine each report so you can quickly locate key information.

Continued Support

We believe in hands-on support through your onboarding process and beyond. When you call our number, you’ll reach an FCRA-certified team member, not an automated service or an outsourced telemarketing firm. It’s not enough for us to just have an awesome platform. We firmly believe in supporting and guiding our clients through the entire process, as much as you need.

Adding or changing HR systems can be a tremendously complex task. But our streamlined platform offers organized partner integrations with continued, real-person support. If you’re changing HR platforms, we are portable and will follow you to your favorite human resources software. For more information regarding integrations, please contact us or check out our Integrations page.