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Closing the Wage Gap - Salary History Bans Increase

Salary history bans started back in 2017 with the intent of closing the wage gap. Currently there are 17 states 19 local cities or jurisdictions with salary history bans. While this doesn’t affect an expected salary question that your background check partners might ask, it’s never-the-less…

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Corporate Responsibility in the Gig Economy

All companies, in the gig economy or not, have a vested interest in providing quality service and safety for their customers. So why aren’t background checks more prevalent in the gig economy? One argument from gig companies is…

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Consumer Awareness in the Trust Economy

These services, among many others, are collectively referred to as the Gig Economy. But I like to refer to it as the Trust Economy, because these services require an immense amount of trust on behalf of the consumer. Few companies in this industry offer, advertise, or perform thorough background screening on their applicants and freelancers.

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