You all drive a car, right?

I was literally driving out of town for the long Memorial Day weekend when I heard a ticking noise from my tires and sure enough, there was a nail. I took it to several places (somehow not having blown out the darn thing!) and they all could not help me. In fact, most of the employees were quite rude. Finally, I went to the last place and while walking into the store in tears, the gentleman greeted me with a very big smile, asked why the sad face and I explained my predicament. I told him I understood that the store was nearing closing time and that we would be happy to leave it overnight and get it in the morning. He said very pointedly, “Why? We can throw it on the rack right now and have everyone work on it and get you out of here ASAP.” They were done in 30 minutes. I cannot explain how moved I was by his graciousness but also relieved that my safety and wellbeing was being addressed. They gained a repeat customer that day.

Life is full of things we have to administer to and take care of. From car maintenance to health insurance to broken windows to taxes, we all know these are a part of life and there is no negotiating that. While you may not be able to control these inevitable chores, the one thing you can control is the types of business partners you choose to assist with them.

Through trial and error you weed out service providers that don’t meet your expectations until you finally end up with the best of the best. You chose to repeatedly use the same grocery store, dry cleaner, mechanic and hair stylist because all of these have the same common denominator – they all offer and provide you with exceptional customer service that keeps you wanting more interaction with them. That’s what boutique-style service means to us.

For me personally, the rankings of my service providers directly relates to how my customer service representatives make me feel when I’m faced with something I personally can’t fix. So from one individual who likes to be treated in the aforementioned story, to all of you reading this, I can tell you that this is the type of customer service you will receive from Critical Research. There’s always a friendly voice answering the phone, expert eyes proofing results, and a team willing to always go the few extra miles needed to make sure all your needs are met.

Welcome to Critical Research, your one-stop-shop for background screening solutions, backed by boutique-style service.