Our Vision

Innovation in hiring.


With decades of experience in the employment screening industry, we bring to life the vision of better background screening. At Critical Research, team efforts and attitudes are client-centric. We work with our clients and partners to continually build upon our service offerings, creating premier solutions for your hiring needs.

We firmly believe in the values of educating employers and consumers about the truths of the screening industry. Many myths about the industry drive scrutiny and misinterpretation. Informing employers of the importance of screening and helping them form and follow best practices is the key to establishing a safe and compliant work environment.

Our team is inspired by creativity, innovations, and breathing new life into old ideas.

We operate our business by dutifully abiding by all laws, domestic and international, that surround our industry. Our staff is entirely FCRA-certified, and we work diligently to understand and report based on all the laws affecting you.

You’ll find useful news alerts, state-specific guidance, international updates, FCRA information and links to relevant articles under our Resources section.

For those industries that have reason to worry a little more than others about adhering to strict regulations, we’ve built advanced technologies to support your compliance demands. We can’t think of an easier way to make compliance achievable than by using specialized technology platforms and a vendor that practically does it for you.

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