5 Background Check Add-ons to Complete Your Package


Background checks are like chestplate armor protecting your workplace culture and brand. But one piece of armor isn’t effective at keeping you safe, unless you also have a shield, helmet, and the rest of the suit. Similarly, a basic background check doesn’t always create a whole picture of your applicants, it may miss key information regarding the integrity, honesty and cultural fit of your applicants. We’ve put together a list of 5 services to complete your company’s suit of armor.

  1. Maiden Name/Alias Searches

Criminal record searches don’t look for aliases or maiden names unless specified to do so. This limits your findings on applicants that have undergone a name change in the past. It’s a good idea to include prior or maiden names in your multiple county and jurisdiction searches.

2. Motor Vehicle Reports

It can be hit or miss as to whether driving related offenses are reported when searching for criminal offenses. Adding Motor Vehicle Reports to your employment screening package ensures you have all the information needed to make smart, safe hiring decisions. These reports check for license type and class, expiration date, accidents, DUI/DWI, revocations, suspensions, and tickets.

3. Social Media Screening

Adding social media screening to your basic background check package brings your company’s safety initiatives into the 21st century. This type of screening offers insights into the character and integrity of your applicants, while maintaining compliance with FCRA rules and restrictions. 

4. Personal and Professional References

Third party reference checks can free up valuable time for your HR department, while also offering peace of mind that they will be handled effectively. References provide insights into workplace behavior, skill set, communications skills, and dependability. Predetermined questions or a customizable question list gives this add-on flexibility.

5. Employment and Education Verification

Adding education and employment verifications to your basic background check identifies employment gaps and resume fraud by confirming dates of employment, title, enrollment dates, GPA, and higher institution accreditation. These verification add-ons provide you with a clearer image of skill set and workplace adaptability.

Critical Research is dedicated to delivering background screening services that fit your business needs without weighing you down with unnecessary armor. We believe in transparent, open communication, and simplicity - our FCRA-certified team is here to support your hiring process every step of the way. To learn more about our services, add-ons, and ways we can enhance your hiring process, please contact us! We can’t wait to help you achieve your hiring goals!