Employment Screening Services

From pre-hire to post-hire, our services are the perfect fit.


Most people are very honest with the information they provide prospective employers. But, those that know the system are familiar with ways to cover their criminal tracks. We offer products to assist you in confirming the identities of your applicants because the screening process loses effectiveness if you’re searching for information on the wrong person.

Target ID

This Social Security Number search is used to identify the applicant by providing full names and alternate names, addresses and additional identifying information. This product is also used to identify past locations where an applicant may have lived or worked. Target ID helps obtain a more complete and thorough background check on your applicant by providing addresses and/or names not disclosed by the applicant.

Social Security Number Validation

This search offers consent-based, pre-hire access to the official records of the Social Security Administration’s Master File. Information verified includes name, SSN, date of birth, gender and death indicator. This product is great for reducing pesky issues employers sometimes face in validating Social Security Numbers on a post-hire basis.


While searching for resume inaccuracies is high on many employers’ checklists, nothing tops the lists like the need to locate criminal activity in an applicant’s past. Criminal records help you determine which applicants are true contenders to fill your open positions and, knowing an applicant’s past helps you protect your organization’s future. Criminal searches are available on several different levels to meet the screening criteria demands of organizations of any size, type and in any industry.

County Criminal Search

Searches county level records for felony and misdemeanor criminal activity. For this service, we only use records maintained and sourced directly from the courts.  Our extensive network of ISO 9001 compliant researchers allows us to perform searches throughout the nation. This crucial step ensures you receive the most accurate, up-to-date and compliant information available.

Statewide Criminal Search

Searches statewide criminal repositories, where available, for felony and misdemeanor records. The availability and completeness of statewide searches is dependent upon how efficiently the agencies and courts within the state contribute and maintain the repository. We currently offer access to 25 statewide repositories and offer a rating scale highlighting the varying levels of dependability. This rating scale has been established based on our high standards for accuracy. Protecting your organization is of the utmost importance. We only offer statewide searches in states where the information meets our standards for accuracy and thoroughness.

Federal Criminal Search

Searches the United States Federal District Courts for criminal activity violating federal laws. Crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction are prosecuted and recorded in federal district courts, not state or county courts. Therefore, these crimes are not detectable in a statewide or county level criminal search. Criminal offenses held at the federal district level could include crimes that have crossed state lines, crimes against the government or financial institutions.

CrimNet Pro

Searches nationwide databases to identify criminal records existing in areas outside of known residence or work addresses. Databases are scoured for potential matches to all alias and/or maiden names associated with your candidate. CrimNet Pro includes, but is not limited to: misdemeanor and felony records contributed by participating state and county level agencies, Multi-State Sex Offender Database, the FBI Terrorist List, Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists, The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and OFAC’s Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List). While comprehensive, this product is not all inclusive. This service offers a more thorough approach to state/county level criminal searches and is a great add-on product. To comply with regulations and offer the best protection for your organization, any hits are re-verified at the county level where the offense occurred.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Searches are available from individual state registries or the National Sex Offender Registry. Statewide Sex Offender searches are conducted on a state by state basis, revealing any prior state record as a convicted sex offender. The broader search option accesses information from the U.S. Department of Justice Sex Offender Database.

Global Sanctions Search

Searches 100+ domestic & international terrorist, fugitive and debarment lists including the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN). This service helps impede terrorists by identifying individuals linked to terrorism or classified on government watch lists, improving compliance with the United States Patriot Act.

International Criminal Search

Searches applicants that have lived outside of the United States for criminal activity, allowing you to hire international applicants confidently and implement a strong global workforce. We offer services in over 200 countries and territories, having developed relationships with many of the government entities tasked with handling criminal record searches in their respective country. If we are unable to work directly with a government source, we have sought partnerships with the most reputable vendors, providing the highest quality services available in the area. The level of screening available, identifying information required and turnaround times all vary by the country, province or territory being searched.

Social Media Screening

Add value to your screening program by analyzing past and current publicly shared social media activity for candidates and employees. This data can offer a more complete profile of a candidate and validate your hiring decision, performed within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our methods for extracting and reporting this information provides details that may not be obvious at a glance of a resume or in an interview situation. Most importantly, it offers social media screening in a consistent manner and to your specific company guidelines, which is often not being handled in-house with as much expertise and care.

Verifications & Credentialing

Recent surveys estimate between 40% – 50% of resumes include falsified details. The good news is that your organization can combat these half-truths by performing verifications of applicant supplied information. And, by doing so, you’ll gain more than just knowledge about whether your applicant has been truthful. Not only does verifying applicant honesty speaks volumes about personal character, but more importantly, it also ensures that your organization will gain the skill set needed to successfully fill that open position. Companies often overlook this critical part of the background screening process. Be proactive in identifying employment gaps, educational history, and lapses in licensure status. Uncovering inconsistencies and potential red flags before someone joins your organization is much easier than managing an unqualified employee.

Employment Verification

Verifies applicant’s current or previous employment history. Our standard verification includes confirmation of dates of employment, title, salary, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire. Information released varies dependent upon individual company policies.

International employment verification services are also available. Expanded verifications as well as industry specific verifications, such as DOT employment inquiries, are also available.

Education Verification

Verifies applicant’s current or previous enrollment, degree or diploma history. Our standard verification includes confirmation of dates of enrollment, date degree/diploma was received, grade point average (GPA) (when needed) and educational credits received. Information released varies dependent upon individual educational institutional policies.

International education verification service is also available. Accreditation services are also available and encouraged as part of this verification process to help combat the use of diploma mills.

Professional License Verification

Verifies applicant’s professional license(s) status directly through the issuing state authority. Our standard verification includes confirmation of the date of issuance, expiration date, license type, and state in which the license was issued. Any disciplinary action on file will also be reported and primary documentation of those actions provided. Information released varies due to individual issuing authority policies.


What will they say? Hearing what former supervisors, co-workers, and peers have to say about your applicant can be priceless. Performing Reference Checks will gather informative feedback regarding character, work ethic, dependability and capabilities to ensure your applicant has the qualities needed to meet job requirements.

Professional References

We survey applicant provided professional contacts to gain insight into workplace behavior, skill set, communication skills, dependability and more. A standard set of reference questions is available or you may opt to customize the questions lists. You can also associate multiple questions lists to your account to accommodate varying hiring levels.

Personal References

These references are processed in the same manner as professional references, but the points of contact are typically friends, neighbors and other people personally associated with the applicant.


One effective step towards reducing your risk is making sure your drivers are responsible on the road. Driving records provide a comprehensive review of individual driving records, including offenses and citations.

Motor Vehicle Report

Searches each state’s Department of Motor Vehicle records to confirm the status of your applicant’s license and report any points, restrictions, violations and suspensions. Records are available from all 50 states and Washington, DC. Many states also release information on DUI offenses, which may not always be revealed on criminal records.


Searches the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) for current and prior commercial license information. This product provides a roadmap outlining which state MVR systems should be searched to detail your driver’s commercial license history. All states are federally mandated to report to the CDLIS in an effort to keep unsafe commercial drivers off the road.

International Services

Searches applicants that have lived outside of the United States, allowing you to hire international applicants confidently and implement a strong global workforce. We offer services in over 200 countries and territories, having developed relationships with many of the government entities tasked with handling criminal record searches in their respective country. If we are unable to work directly with a government source, we have sought partnerships with the most reputable vendors, providing the highest quality services available in the area. The level of screening available, identifying information required and turnaround times all vary by the country, province or territory being searched.

International Criminal Searches

We offer services in over 200 countries and territories, having developed relationships with many of the government entities tasked with handling criminal record searches in their respective country. If we are unable to work directly with a government source, we have sought partnerships with the most reputable vendors, providing the highest quality services available in the area.

International Verifications

Education and employment verifications.

International Other Services

From professional licensure to credit checks, we have access to the information you need.


Companies are making headlines these days for failing to comply with federal immigration regulation laws. No longer are just larger companies being targeted. Every business owner is at risk for audit and the fines are hefty. Utilizing our electronic I-9 process to complete and store post-hire forms not only reduces paperwork, it improves your compliance efforts! Additionally, documents become organized and easy to access should you ever become the target of an investigation. In conjunction with electronic I-9 access, our platform is integrated with E-Verify so you can conveniently access right to work information from the federal government without juggling multiple systems. As more and more states are mandated to use E-Verify, having easy, integrated access is just one more way we meet your ever-changing needs in human capital management. Know your new hires are authorized to work and know you are in compliance.

I-9 Processing

Easy access for completing, signing and storing I-9 documents electronically. Documents are checked for entry errors and logs of entry dates are automatically generated. Old, paper forms can be audited and transferred into the system to make all of your I-9 files accessible online.


Validates legal rights to work and identifies current employees with falsified Social Security Numbers through the Social Security Administration’s Employee Verification Service (EVS).

Drug Screening

Drug screening… simplified. Truly comprehensive employment screening and monitoring programs include drug testing. Reducing the occurrence of on-site accidents, absenteeism, theft and turnover are just a few motivators for incorporating drug screening into your hiring process. While some industries are mandated to screen, those that aren’t can also greatly benefit by implementing a custom program.

We’ve partnered with eScreen to offer integrated, paperless solutions for all your drug screening needs. Why continue to try and manage paper chain of custody forms and scheduling when our joint platform can electronically streamline your substance abuse program?

We offer both Non-DOT and DOT drug screening programs. Offerings include:

Testing and Screening Options

Urine, Hair, Saliva, Blood, Alcohol and Physicals available at 1000’s of collection sites nationwide.

Predictable Pricing

Includes board-certified Medical Review Officer reviews.

Quick Turnaround

Negative results in as little as 15 minutes.

Various Testing Levels

Standard 5 to 10 panel and customized panel expansions, instant reporting from installed clinics, lab-based testing and DOT are all available.

On-site Collection Services

Random and Post-Accident Test Scheduling Options

Credit & Civil

When a position demands financial responsibility or gives access to sensitive data, knowing how an applicant handles personal obligations may be advantageous. If an applicant is careless in handling personal financial matters or is involved in stressful civil situations, it could put your organization at risk.

Credit Report

Our pre-employment credit report is an FCRA compliant version of an applicant’s credit profile. Details include public filings, such as bankruptcies and liens, as well as collections and credit account histories.While several states prohibit or limit the use pre-employment credit reports, this practice is still allowed in the majority of states. Even though credit reports released for pre-employment purposes do not include full financial information, they still include highly sensitive information. So, we encourage the use of these reports when the specific job function deems it necessary.

County Civil Search

Searches county level records for civil case filings, such as judgments, liens and pending civil suits.

Federal Civil Search

Searches federal district files for civil case filings between parties in the federal courts.

Monitoring & Rescreening

Once you’ve completed all the new hire paperwork, your responsibilities don’t just stop right there. One of the best ways to be diligent in keeping your workplace safe is by implementing a consistent monitoring program. Did you know that while the majority of employers conduct pre-hire screening, many never re-screen employees?  Surveys estimate that 5-10% of initially clean record hires are involved in some type of criminal offense after joining your organization. If there was an easy way to be alerted of changes in criminal statuses, wouldn’t you want to know? Well, there is.

Criminal Monitoring

This proprietary post-employment tool is customized to notify you when something changes that relates to the criminal activity of your employees or volunteers. We customize this monitoring solution based on your specific needs. Options include scheduled scans of the national criminal database or searches of county or statewide criminal checks on a regular basis. Annually, quarterly, semi-annually or monthly – monitoring set for as often as you like.

Don’t rely on “water cooler” gossip to alert you of employee issues that could be putting your organization at risk. Be proactive in staying informed, all the time. Monitoring matters.


Annual Reviews

Whether you’re in an industry that requires annual reviews or just like to take extra steps towards due diligence, getting an annual program in place shouldn’t seem like a chore. Typical programs focus on re-screening driving records, re-credentialing for staff privileges, or federal sanctions and exclusions screenings. Regardless of your need, we can help your organization outline an annual screening program that is efficient, transitions smoothly from year to year and keeps you on track with annual reviews.

Random Screenings

While random screenings are more commonplace in certain industries, like transportation, every company, at some point, will need them. Accidents happen. Suspicious behaviors cause concerns. Whispers around the office grab your attention. That’s why we offer the following random screening options: Post-accident DOT Testing, On-site Drug and Alcohol Testing, Motor Vehicle Records, Criminal Record Searches. We also offer random selection program access for unbiased screening at pre-set testing intervals and to meet all DOT compliance requirements.


Welcome auditors with a smile. Get rid of the “gloom and doom” feeling of dread associated with getting audited. From state laws to federal laws, we know the challenges you face. As your partner and service provider, we’re here to support your ever-changing needs in the world of compliance.

We operate our business by dutifully abiding by the federal laws governing us. Just to prove it, our entire staff are FCRA certified. As an added bonus to you, we work diligently to make sure we understand and report based on all the laws affecting you too.

You’ll find useful news alerts, state specific guidance, FCRA information and links to relevant articles under our resources section.

And, for those industries that have reason to worry a little more than the rest of us, we’ve built technology to support your compliance demands. We can’t think of an easier way to make compliance achievable than by using specialized technology platforms and a vendor that practically does it for you.

We’re not only dedicated to helping you get compliant, but helping keep you that way too.