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We believe in making background screening simple, by delivering personalized support and innovative tech, wherever you do business.

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Why Critical Research?

Front-line managers in hospitality monitor hundreds of people and processes daily, pre- and post-hire screening needn’t be on that list. We’re here to unburden the screening process and simplify life by offering easy-to-use, integrated pre- and post-hire solutions.

Our hospitality and food industry services check the identity and social security numbers of your new hires, and we also offer post-hire I-9 and E-verify for one seamless, consolidated process. Our advanced platform is capable of integrating with many leading onboarding systems used especially in the hospitality and food service industries. The platform utilizes text messages and email reminders for applicants, shortening the time between interview and orientation, getting you staffed in less time.

Comprehensive Packages

Criminal Background Checks

Our integrative platform provides accurate screening with quick turnaround times that keeps you compliant. As an effective tool to uncover relevant criminal records, criminal background checks help you make informed…

Continuous Checks

Continuous check driving records, federal sanctions, and exclusions, among others. We can help your organization outline a screening program that works in the timeframe you choose – annually, monthly, bi-annually,…

Pre-Employment Drug Screening

While some industries are mandated to perform drug screens on applicants and current employees, other industries can benefit from a best practices or customized program. We partner with multiple organizations…


Validate legal right-to-work and identify current employees with falsified Social Security Numbers through the Social Security Administration’s Employee Verification Service (EVS).

Verifications & References

Through reference checks and education verification, we ensure your organization gains the skill set needed to build a successful workplace culture. We identify educational history, fake degree verification and professional…

I-9 Processing

Complete, sign, and store I-9 documents electronically. Documents are checked for errors and logs of entry dates are automatically generated. Old paper forms can be audited and transferred into the…

Identity Verification Services

By incorporating social security number traces, passport validation, and credit checks, your company can maintain an honest, transparent workplace. Identity verification solutions reveal any prior SSN, alternate names for background…

Motor Vehicle Reports

Search each state’s Department of Motor Vehicle records. Confirms license status and reports any points, restrictions, violations and suspensions. Records available from all 50 states and Washington, DC. Instant results…
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