End-to-end background screening solutions for intelligent hiring.

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End-to-end background screening solutions for intelligent hiring.

We believe in making background screening simple, by delivering personalized support and innovative tech, wherever you do business.

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Why Critical Research?

We make background screening simple, by delivering personalized support and innovative tech, wherever you do business.

Rapid Turnaround

Through our industry-leading turnaround times and comprehensive tech-forward screening processes, each of our FCRA-certified analysts provides dynamic screening solutions to protect and grow your business.

Global Coverage

With capabilities in over 200 countries and territories, our team of FCRA-certified representatives possess the knowledge you need when hiring a diverse and cross-cultural team, giving you confidence and freedom to expand locally or abroad.

Technology & Integrations

Our secure cloud-based platform was designed to provide you with the best user experience across all devices. With quick access to manage and make requests, documents and reports in a variety of formats, and applicant trends and insights, we’ve built our core technologies to exceed your compliance demands.

Precise Compliance

Between ever-changing state and federal laws, we know the challenges you face, and are here to support your compliance needs. Our FCRA-certified staff work diligently to ensure we have a thorough knowledge of all laws and our reports reflect the laws affecting you.

Employment Screening Services

With our continuous screening service, you can stay updated on current employee records, reduce paperwork, and improve your compliance efforts.

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Notes from the Workplace

We are excited to share our ideas on issues and trends that impact your business, including the hiring process, candidate experience, background screening and onboarding.