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We believe in making background screening simple, by delivering personalized support and innovative tech, wherever you do business.

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International Background Checks

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International Background Checks

Our international background screening services address applicants that live or have lived outside of the United States.

Bankruptcy Search

Verify any ongoing or previous bankruptcy filings.

Civil Records Search

Search for any civil suits or judgment records associated with the applicant in a country’s applicable courts.

Credit Check

Run credit report for business and/or personal. Availability varies by country.

Criminal Records Search

Search for felony and misdemeanor records in compliance to government and jurisdictional laws. This varies by jurisdiction.

Directorship Search

Verify any current or previously held directorships.

Global Watchlist/Sanctions Search

Search thousands of watchlists, sanctions lists, financial debarment lists, most wanted lists, etc. against the applicant’s name or business entity provided.

ID Verification

Verify the validity of a given identification document.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Search each state’s Department of Motor Vehicle records. Confirms license status and reports any points, restrictions, violations and suspensions. Records available from all 50 states and Washington, DC. Instant results from all states, except Pennsylvania.

Passport MRZ Validation

Verify the validity of a passport number based on its MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) code.


Verify applicants H1B visa status, employment, education, professional and personal references, address, and professional licenses.

This is a vital process for companies that hire international talent or plan to expand overseas. Our services, offered in over 200 countries and territories, verifies information critical to building and maintaining a qualified global workforce.

We have built strong relationships with numerous government entities across the globe to give you the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding education and employment history, passport validations, and international criminal records. Our searches may also include negative media scans, terrorism watchlists, and sanction searches, among others. Levels of criminal background checks are available based on your industry and compliance needs.

Due to the varying degrees with which each country operates and handles documentation, international background check turnaround times vary by country, province, or territory searched.

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