Continuous Background Checks Maintain Company Health

Two cars effect of maintain health

Continuous background checks have grown in popularity over the course of the past year. With Uber and Lyft in the hot seat for multiple background check related incidents, annual, semi-annual and monthly screenings are on the rise. These checks can include varying depths of criminal history depending on regional laws and employer or industry needs.

Industries that Benefit

Healthcare and finance are two industries that commonly utilize continuous background screening because of jurisdictional laws, interaction with sensitive materials, or acting caregivers. Many industries that handle sensitive information or interact with the public, would benefit from continuous screening implementation as a way to mitigate future risk. Gig economy companies supplying workers to enter a home, interact with children, or perform remote, cloud-based tasks for executives, a single background check may seem like too few. With the arrival of the digital age and the increased use of cloud computing and data sharing, one pre-hire background screen may not be enough to mitigate potential future threats to employees and the brand.

Keep the Company Healthy

One and done isn’t always a best practice. Much like maintaining a vehicle after a purchase, the same should be done with employees. When a car is purchased the brakes are checked, the oil is changed, and the car undergoes a multi-point inspection. To maintain the health of a vehicle in its prime condition, those things would need to be checked again later down the road. Without a regular oil change, the engine would bog down, eventually losing its lubrication and suffer a very large, very expensive problem. So it is with company maintenance. Performing background checks during the initial hiring process is a vital part of a healthy company, but adding continuous checks keeps the business running in tiptop condition, mitigating potential risk.

Common Concerns

A common concern is the misconception that continuous background screening is expensive. Many companies overlook these checks due to a misunderstanding of its cost effectiveness. While the actual price may vary depending on the depth and breadth of the continuous screen chosen, it is certainly less than the cost of a monthly stock of office k-cups. For an accurate price quote, please contact us directly. 

Another concern is the potential blowback from employees. Some employees may feel it is an infringement on their privacy, others may see it as a sign of company-to-employee mistrust. These internal thoughts and discussions can be mitigated through effective communication, either through HR or company leaders. By communicating the intent and use of continuous checks, via emails, staff meetings, or the like, many questions and concerns will be allayed and any others can be addressed on a one-to-one basis. 

In the age of social media, cloud computing, and data breaches, the need for continuous background screening is rising. Like regular vehicle maintenance, it’s important to maintain company health and is a useful tool to mitigate risk. 

Critical Research is committed to simplicity and transparency regarding this, and all other services. We work with you through the legal steps required to perform continuous background checks, to keep you compliant with all state and federal laws. Our team will also work with you to make sure you’re getting the screens that you need, through personal, direct, and transparent communication. We have the tools to keep your company healthy.