Our job isn’t done at pre-hire. We see your company through the post-hire process with our I-9, E-Verify, and continuous checks services. Whether you are legally obligated or just following best practice advice, these are essential to ensure you have a safe, compliant workforce.

Our fully electronic workflow integrates with your current hiring software, allowing you to complete, store, and verify post-hire forms. In conjunction with electronic I-9 access, our platform is integrated with E-Verify, allowing you to conveniently access right-to-work information.

With our continuous checks service, you can then choose how often you wish to perform background checks on current employees. With information stored on our streamlined platform, continuous checks can keep you updated on current employee records, reduce paperwork, and improve your compliance efforts. We help you make and maintain responsible, safe retention decisions.

I-9 Processing

Criminal Monitoring

Continuous Checks

Random Screening