Simple, yet powerful, by design.

Making sure the information we gather is kept safe and confidential is of the highest priority to us. Our web-based platform offers the ease of cloud-based ordering and results retrieval while dually meeting the strictest security standards. Advanced security protocols, continuity plans, and encryption techniques are just a few of the ways in which we protect your applicants’ personally identifying information. And, just as importantly, your brand and reputation. In addition to protection, we are constantly at work to develop additional technologies to eliminate your need for multiple vendors. Less logins equals less stress. As you meet the ever-changing needs for managing human capital, we’ll be hard at work producing technologies to support your efforts.

We know your daily to-do list is long.

Take a look at how these platforms can offer relief:

Applicant Entry

Even greater than your desire to fill an open position is an applicant’s desire to get the job. So, let them contribute to the data entry process by entering all the information required for a background check. Limit your efforts by entering the applicant’s email address and selecting a pre-determined screening package. Our system will generate a customized email to the applicant with a link to collect all the information needed for the pre-employment screening process. Let them do the rest to improve efficiency, minimize errors and save time. Just a few clicks and your job is done.

Electronic Signature

Not all screening platforms are created equal. Ours flexes its muscles by offering mouse-captured electronic signatures from applicants. When used in combination with our Applicant Entry feature, completing forms becomes completely paperless and a cinch to manage.

Batch Ordering

Our system allows for batch processing of searches – of any kind. Upload your large batch query files easily using one of our customized file templates. Orders are created as soon as you click submit. Rest assured that you’ll not only get the information you need, but you’ll get it in our easy to read format. Viola!