The Critical Research platform has been designed for simplicity, effectiveness, and to meet the highest security standards. Online ordering, program management, and results-retrieval systems are built with you in mind, with new features continually being added. Advanced protocols, continuity plans, and encryption techniques are a few of the ways in which we protect your applicants and your brand.


Anywhere Access

Our cloud-based employment screening platform is built from the ground up to provide you with access to applicant information from anywhere, at any time, across all mobile and desktop platforms.

Rapid Verify

Automated email verifications with custom forms and e-signature capabilities to increase response rates and boost turnaround times. Verify employment and identity, authorize digitally, and improve your results.


Applicant Entry

Allow applicants to enter all information required for a background check, including e-signature. Our system will generate a customized email and send a text message to the applicant with a link to collect all information needed for pre-employment screening. Let them do the rest to improve efficiency, minimize errors, and save time.


Batch Processing

Our batch order processing technology allows you to upload massive batch files in a single step using one of our customized templates. Orders are created upon submission. Not only will you receive the information you need, but you’ll get it in our industry leading, user-optimized reporting format.